Anonymous asked:

I dont see the point in becoming a vegan. Really I cant, im like addicted to meat and so used to it.

adviceforvegans answered:

I was addicted myself. I LOVED meat. I was a fully fledged carnist. I couldn’t see the point in being vegetarian let alone vegan. Tuna sandwiches, roast chicken, beef with yorkshire pudding… I adored it all. 

But the reality is, one day I was shown the truth. And I chose to put my addiction to rest. The first few days were a bit tough going but that was all. Now I’m addicted to vegan food and I don’t ever plan on breaking the addiction. 

You can fight it if you really want to fight it. But you have to put the effort in. Rest assured though, there is always a point in being vegan. Just ask 876 here. He can see the point. imageOr ask them. They see a point in going vegan. imageThere’s always a point. Always.