Anonymous asked:

What's a good response to people who say that undercover videos are faked/exaggerated or that the videoed abusers are activists trying to make farmers look bad?

adviceforvegans answered:

To be honest, all documentaries and undercover videos have an agenda and anyone who says otherwise is lying. I can’t stand it when people say ‘well I refuse to watch that because it’s bias’ when every documentary on this planet is bias!!!! A good response I suppose would be to use statistics. The vast majority of meat is factory farmed (the conditions shown in these videos) but to be honest, even if it’s not… that’s not the point of veganism anyway. Veganism is about putting non human animals on the same level as human animals and we wouldn’t kill human animals and eat them therefore ALL animal farming is the same. Ugh I’m sorry for the rant. I’m angry just thinking about this haha!



Probably going to loose a lot of followers for posting some stuff some vegans won’t like but just remember you have the right to post your shit comparing meat eaters to the devil practically and you also send abusive messages about me for not being vegan.